Author: Immanuel Raj

  • Cloudflare Header Tips

    Cloudflare Header Tips

    I am pretty sure any developer would have known about cloudflare. Be it for Hosting, Ai, Storage, Mail, Security, Infra, Tunnels, DNS etc. When you are a guy who uses free stuff to get things done for you, you cannot pay for things that you want, but also cannot stop from getting good things. Not…

  • Demystifying MySQL’s UTF8MB4: A Guide to Character Encoding in Databases with WordPress in GCP and Cloud SQL

    Demystifying MySQL’s UTF8MB4: A Guide to Character Encoding in Databases with WordPress in GCP and Cloud SQL

    UTF8MB4 Introduced in MySQL version 5.5.3, is an extension of the UTF-8 character encoding scheme. While UTF-8 can encode 1.1 million characters, UTF8MB4 can encode the full range of Unicode characters, including emojis and characters outside the Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP). In MySQL utf8 is currently an alias for utf8mb3 which is deprecated and will be removed in a future MySQL release. At that…

  • Piping Bash

    Piping Bash

    Bash is good, ZSH is also good….but the fact that they both do not allow piping is bad. Well technically they do work, but it works in a different way. Sometimes its okay for us, rest times it is not. So what’s the issue here… Say you have a code in your bash script like…

  • Pa11y and Pa11y-CI Accessibility testing

    Pa11y and Pa11y-CI Accessibility testing

    Accessibility is a really important thing when it comes to making a good site and make it available for all to use the site and for crawlers to make things easy as well. Automating this and making the best of the site to keep going faster without worry about accessibility and let the bot do…

  • Rootless docker

    Rootless docker

    References ASSUMPTIONS Docker Root Installation Pre-Requisites Docker Installation Installing docker compose It all works ๐ŸŽ‰ ! But here are some common problems Network slow For this you can refer toย Using privileged ports aka <1024

  • Github Rate limits

    Github Rate limits

    Rate limits are sometimes scary. Sometimes its temporary, some time it goes away soon…some time it takes like foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr I got rate limited by github by using its gh cli inside github actions. Well i didnt spam it but i was using more of it in a very less amount of time. Ran the action…

  • Certbot SSL Limits – letsencrypt (Rate limit)

    Certbot SSL Limits – letsencrypt (Rate limit)

    >c=certificates 5c – Per domain Per Day 300c – In 3 Hrs Max 50c – Per Week Per domain When limitations are crossed we will be rate limited or even banned – We can be banned by our domain name / Email / IP Address / IP Address range Read More here :- You…

  • AH shit here we go again !

    AH shit here we go again !

    I know i know…..its really annoying when we type something without sudo and it asks for sudo and now we have to retype the whole things with sudo (or go to the previous command [with up arrow] and then move back with arrow keys or home key or anything…) while its a good approach…there is…

  • Finding the user

    Finding the user

    To know who is using your system/server right now you can use or it will show you who is in and what they are doing, when did they login etc

  • Power to you.

    Power to you.

    You always dont need access, you just need access to somone who has access With that said. Most of the times you dont even need access to do somethin. You just need access to someone who has access. Lets say i am a normal user and i need to run a script in linux where…